Entry: A beloved finished object Jan 19, 2007

Sorry!! I know I promised pictures, but I've caught a cold and it's kicking my butt.

I'll see about getting some good quality pics with my new camera this weekend and showing them on here.

For now, I'll let you look at an adorable kid pic..

This wee one lives in Northern Ireland, and she's wearing a Hello Kitty sweater that I knit a couple of years ago. It was sent over last Christmas, but didn't fit. I recently got this pic in my email. Apparently, wee one loves the sweater so much that her parents have to wait until she's sleeping to get it off of her so it can be washed.

She says the Hello Kitty is a picture of the cat her family has as a pet.

I'm just glad that the sweater is getting love because I really just made it because I love Hello Kitty and had no one to give it to.

This wee one just got lucky.



January 24, 2007   12:03 PM PST
Oooh! My girls would FLIP for that sweater! Was it horribly difficult? Where'd ya get the pattern? That would be such a cool gift for my girls. Lemme know so I can make one too!
January 21, 2007   01:12 AM PST
Ooo, I loved Hello Kitty as a kid. That's a very nice sweater. (And a very cute kid)

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