Entry: A gloomy sky Sep 17, 2006

This is my sky outside my doorm room for my Saturday Sky.

So, we've had quite the wet week this last week. Not that I'm complaining, I actually quite like the rain. It also gave me time to do little bits on my knitting. Not enough to actually have any good pictures of progress mind you, but some.

I actually have a picture of my current room to show, because I'm amused by it.

One side of my room.

So, these are my shelves in my room (I actually have a wonderfully sized room, in this picture I'm standing at the end of my bed (to my left) and i've got enough room to sit beside my bed on the floor and stretch my legs out towards the shelves without having to scrunch.

Now, the reason I find this picture so amusing, is that most of the boxes in it, including every box on the top shelf, contain my stash, or rather 2/3 of my stash. My boyfriend and his mother could not believe the amount of boxes I kept pulling out of closets and pockets of space where I'd shoved them during my 2 month residence with him. There's still some stash at his place and some more on the shelf in my closet space here.

The thing that makes me sad about my stash is the fact that it's really not that good quality. I have the quantity, but most of it is Red Heart acrylic. I'm working my way through a few rather large afghans in an effort to rid my stash of the icky cheap acrylic so that I can make way for some nice soft acrylic, wool, blends, and bestill my heart maybe a bit of mohair, alpaca and cashmere (faints at the thought).

So while I sit here and try to figure out the best bus route to get me to my grandmother's in the next half hour, I shall leave you.

Enjoy the weather where you are, hopefully it's more cheerful than mine.


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