Entry: Slowly but surely Sep 14, 2006

Well, after a rather difficult double move (my BF to his new place, me to res) I'm finally, mostly, settled. Hopefully now I can get back into knitting so I'll have something to put on here.

I really am trying to get onto a schedule of sorts. Not just with this, but with my life. I'm almost thinking that I'll do what some other knit bloggers are doing and actually put in tidbits of my life on here. Don't worry, I'll still show my pretty knitting, which I know is what you people all come to see. But I figure that if I don't just restrict it to knitting, then I might actually update a bit more.

Unfortunately I don't have my pictures of my new room or I'd post those now, in fact, I'm currently at my school, waiting for work to start and not in my room, due to the fact that it's my roomie's one year anniversary with her BF and well... they deserve some privacy.

Silly me also thought that I could go from 4 months of no dance at all, straight into 7 hours of dance a week with no penalty... ugh, I forgot what an ab workout you get... sitting and moving is now difficult, but I keep going because I love it!

Anyway. I won't bore you with much more details. I'll try to get pretty pictures for you tomorrow. This blog will probably soon have a number of college days pics, but don't worry, I'm not a partier. Just amused by the situation I'm in.

Till next time

-Saff, the boring and unposting >.<


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